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Online press releases are important for SEO for several reasons.

They allow you to get your news and your content published on authoritative news websites from across the world, where it can be seen by tens of thousands of people every day.

Online press releases also allow you to build additional citations of your business, simply by including your business name and address somewhere within your press release. This can help to establish with Google where you're based, which should then influence them into increasing your rankings for local search terms.

An online press release can also be a great source of powerful new backlinks to your website. Simply by writing a 500ish word press release with 2-3 links in it pointing back to your website, then getting it distributed by a PR agency, you can have your content and your backlinks featured on strong, popular news websites which thousands of people read every day.

It is for these reasons and more that many digital marketers consider regular press releases to be a crucial tool in their armoury.

However, one common problem with publishing a press release is the fact that many of the news websites which host them will mark all the links in the press releases as 'no-follow', which substantially dilutes their effectiveness.


At PR sun, all the links contained in the press releases we publish are do-follow, meaning that we can help you get the maximum value possible from your press release.

For the time being, it is 100% FREE to submit press releases to us, and we update our site with new releases daily.

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