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Updated: Feb 6

The value of promoting your brand and your business via guest posting is substantial.

Firstly, you get the opportunity to show off your ideas and your expertise to a new audience - helping you earn valuable exposure and credibility as a thought leader, with a relevant community of people.

Next, if you have any special insights or privileged information which you'd love to get out to a bigger audience, but lack the platform to do so, then securing guest posts on suitable websites can be a fantastic way to get your voice heard.

There are also significant SEO benefits.

By writing a high-quality and authoritative guest post for the blog of another website owner, you give yourself the chance to include links to relevant pages on your own website - thereby sending yourself some valuable 'link juice'.

It is for these reasons then, and many more, that vast numbers of business owners, webmasters, marketing professionals, and more, spend much of their time hunting down suitable websites to publish guest posts on.

At Daily Sun, we're happy to say that we're now open to receiving guest post pitches, and also completed articles, which we shall put through our consideration process, with the eventual goal of publishing them here on our blog.

Our Submission Guidelines

Daily Sun is a health and wellbeing focused website which specialises in providing information about healthy living from a holistic point of view.

Therefore, guest posts on these kind of topics will be the best fit for our blog, and will most benefit our audience. We are however, open to receiving guest post pitches on other wellbeing-related subjects, such as dietary advice, workout routines, yoga practices, meditation guides, and more.

Guest posts should be over 600 words long, written in good quality, native-standard English, free from excessive typos or grammatical errors, and sent to us in a Microsoft Word document - no PDFs!

You can include 2 do-follow links to relevant websites in your guest post, although please make sure you link to legitimate and appropriate sites; guest posts which include links to gambling, narcotic, get rich quick, miracle cure, or violence-focused websites will NOT be accepted for publication on our blog!

If you'd like to discuss having your guest post published on our website, please email alex@quay.media with some details of the topic you'd be looking to write about.

NOTE: If required, we could also produce the guest post for you, as we partner closely with a copywriting agency who specialise in providing SEO writing services for a very affordable price.

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